Streamline Your Stock Research.

Ziggma’s stock research capabilities were developed by seasoned financial analysts. Streamline your stock research now with these features:

  • Strengths and weaknesses lists to focus on what matters most for a stock
  • Get more done in less time with financial ratios arranged by growth, profitability, valuation and financial strength
  • Find best-of-breed stocks with our next-level peer comparison tool
Best stock research with strengths and weaknesses of a stock
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Data quality

Institutional-grade financial data.

Ziggma’s free company profile pages have all the data you need for your stock research.

They display key performance indicators in a well-structured manner by growth, valuation, profitability and financial strength. As is the case in institutional research reports.

Our mission is to help you do the best possible stock research.

Unique industry-level data

Industry-specific financial ratios

For certain industries, such as banking or real estate, conventional metrics do not apply.

For banks, be sure to look at interest income. There is no EBITDA.

For REITs, leverage is best expressed as loan to value.

Don’t settle for less. Get best-in-class financial information on Ziggma.

Stock research information
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Quarterly data

Free access to annual and quarterly data.

Looking for short-term trends in the data?

We got you covered with quarterly data Both as time series and visuals.

If you want to be sure to capture all relevant data points, check out our proprietary stock research and Ziggma Stock Scores.