Ziggma White Label

We help banks and brokers maximize customer lifetime value through innovative, plug-and-play investing and wealth management solutions – customizable for a variety of investor personas.

Ziggma White Label
Product Portfolio Analysis
We are building the features that today’s investors want

Digital transformation is changing the way people invest and manage wealth.

Ziggma builds tools and features for an optimal investing experience, delivered to private investors via the B2C and B2B2C channels.

With 20,000+ registered users and over $1BN in brokerage accounts linked to Ziggma to date, we know which tools and features today’s investors want.

Create long-term relationships with your clients

Value-added tools that create engagement and prevent churn

Our clients benefit from unique, user-validated next-level tools and features as our B2C platform enables us to employ a build-measure-learn approach.

You know how to acquire customers but you need to make them stick? 
Ziggma's tools and features are designed to create long-term user engagement and a high degree of interaction. 

Illustration of the Ziggma portfolio tracker
Ziggma multi-asset screener and stock profile page
Available as widgets or on a dedicated instance

Give your clients best-in-class stock research tools

Ziggma users link their accounts to all types of brokers to benefit from our cutting-edge portfolio management tools and investment research to manage their portfolios more effectively.

With minimal integration effort you can differentiate from the competition by leveraging our unique and user-validated tools and features for your clients – thanks to Ziggma White-Label.

Maintain client engagement

The Ziggma Portfolio Tracker and Smart Alerts keep users involved in their portfolios.

Whether it is through helping clients keep tabs on diversification or manage entry and exit points for individual stocks, our portfolio management tools will help them do better over time. Studies show

Studies show that failing to keep up with one’s investment portfolio is the number one reason for underperformance. Ziggma Alerts help users eliminate the risk of over-exposure to individual stocks or sectors. They also serve to help them remember the exit price for a trade or monitor portfolio risk.

Keeping your clients closely involved in their portfolios is a win-win situation.

Ziggma smart alerts

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