The Ziggma Score Explained

There is a great deal of value creation by corporate organizations in an open society with a stable legal framework. Brilliant and driven people come together in companies to further an idea or a product.

In the case of publicly traded companies, it is possible for anyone to participate in such value creation by buying shares in companies with superb prospects.

With the cost of such stock purchases going towards zero, the stock market is the ideal conduit to building a diversified portfolio comprising shares in the best companies in the US or even worldwide.

Sounds like a good idea. And, it is. But…

• How to identify the best performing companies/stocks out of tens of thousands of companies in dozens of industries and countries?

• How to evaluate the companies’ stocks and rank them properly based on a large number of relevant key performance indicators?

• How to monitor the portfolio companies over time?

Introducing the Ziggma Score

To enable anyone to invest with confidence, we have created Ziggma and the Ziggma Scores.
As many market participants, believe a scoring system is best suited to reflect companies’ relative economic performance and prospects. Case in point, institutional investors have employed such an approach for decades.

Experience and professionalism is key

There is one caveat, however. The methodology and data must be top notch in light of the massive amount of data and number of moving parts. This is where Ziggma sets itself apart. To compute the Ziggma Score we leverage decades of experience as financial analysts at leading asset managers and combine it with sophisticated big data analytics techniques that are run by experienced data scientists.

What the Ziggma Score represents

The Ziggma Score illustrates the overall economic and financial quality of a company and its stock. It is computed for all publicly traded US companies with a market capitalization of over $ 100 million, taking into consideration over 30 different key performance variables and a time frame of up to five years.

Companies, or rather their stocks, are ranked on a scale going from 0 to 100. The higher the Ziggma Score, the better the prospects of a company and its shares.

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