Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

  • Financial data curated by seasoned financial analysts for quality fundamental analysis
  • Company scores based on big data analytics: Check your holdings’ Ziggma Scores
  • Custom key performance indicators for banks, real estate and insurance. Only at Ziggma

Best-In-Class Financial Data Analysis

The Ziggma company profile pages have all the company financial data you need for your fundamental analysis. We curate the financial data in much the same way we used to do as research analysts for institutional clients.

Our financial analysts have selected the key performance indicators (KPIs) and financial information that matter. Only on Ziggma you custom financial ratios for real estate, banking and insurance. We provide professional grade data at a price that is affordable for any portfolio size.

Our clear objective is to level the playing field for active private investors.

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Fundamental Analysis Driven by Big Data Analytics

Our financial data is collected directly from companies’ SEC filings thanks to algorithms driven by artificial intelligence.

Our systems run an advanced fundamental analysis on this wealth of data.

This process of continuous analysis generates the Ziggma Score. It ranks companies from worst to best (on a scale from 0 to 100).

The higher the Ziggma Score the higher the likelihood that the company’s stock will appreciate over a two-year investment period.

Stock Fundamentals: Historical and Forward-Looking

Our data comprises over a decade of historical financial information and 2 years of forward looking estimates. Thus our analysis captures both where a company is coming from and where it is headed.
All the relevant financial information is comprised in our company profiles. If you want to dig deeper, check the Financials tab. It shows profit & loss and cash-flow statements in one single view. The same holds true for Assets and Liabilities. No more clicking from one page to the other.
From both the Overview and the Financials page you can go directly to the company’s 10-Q and 10-K filings. Simply use the convenient links to the respective documents. Ziggma is all about making stock research and portfolio management more effective.

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Customized Key Performance Indicators

Informed investors are aware that companies in certain industries, such as banking, real estate and insurance, must be analyzed using custom key performance indicators.

EBITDA does not apply to banks. Interest margin does.

Insurance companies’ profitability depends much on their technical profit.

And a REIT’s leverage is generally measured by the LTV (Loan-to-value) and not Net Debt to EBITDA.

Only on Ziggma you get such industry specific data.

Everything You Need to Know for Your Stock Market Research

Our Portfolio Manager has everything you need to do your research and fundamental analysis effectively. It is arguably the best out of all free stock market research tools.

In addition to the numbers, the tool provides you company information such as:

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Which business the company is in

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Who runs the company? How much of the company is owned by management?

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The latest and most relevant news

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Upcoming events