Model portfolios for all investor types.

Draw inspiration from Ziggma’s thematic model portfolios.

Successful long-term investing with model portfolios
Model investment portfolios
Ziggma model portfolios for all investor types

Growth, value, yield, ETFs. We got you covered.

We construct model portfolios by investment philosophy, theme, risk appetite and more. Our objective is provide you with ideas so that you can build the best possible portfolio at any given time.

Sustainable high yield stocks, value stocks with profitable growth or minimal climate impact are just a few examples of model portfolios.

Some clients even use our model portfolios as a starting point to create their own optimal portfolio.

Guru portfolios

Take a cue from the best.

Ziggma guru portfolios show the top positions of some of the world’s most successful investors, such as Warren Buffet, Paul Singer, Steve Cohen, David Tepper, and many more.

These guru investors have built outstanding track records with their individual investment strategies.

Thanks to publicly available filings, any investor can hitch a ride on these guru investors’ best investment ideas.

Model Investment Portfolio