Inspiration and insights from model portfolios.

Check out our many Ziggma model stock portfolios and guru portfolios. We help you manage your investment portfolio more effectively.

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Guru portfolios

Star investors’ top holdings.

Guru portfolios comprise the top positions of some of the world’s most successful investors. These model stock portfolios are updated every three months as soon as the guru investor’s fund management company issues its 13F filing to disclose its holdings.

Do these star investors succeed with every investment idea? No…, but their outstanding overall track record is a fact. So hitching a ride on some of their investment cases is certainly not a bad idea.

You can generally be sure of a couple of things: First, these star investors always look for downside protection. They do this by picking companies with impeccable business models and very strong competitive positions. Just think of Dan Loeb with Sotheby’s and Nestle or Nelson Peltz with Procter and Gamble.

Secondly, they will have done their homework on the investment case and in the case of activist investing they will work with the best lawyers in order to get done what they believe will create value for shareholders.

Use model stock portfolios to your advantage

Draw inspiration for your own portfolio.

Model portfolios are constructed by us based on various approaches to provide a fit for every type of investor. Examples of themes are top scores, multi-asset, growth stocks, high yield ETF and much more.

Once you have identified a model investment portfolio that best fits your goals and approach, there are many ways to maximize its utility for you.

First of all, you can run a back-test to get an idea of how well this investment portfolio example works. The backtest functionality is integrated our Portfolio Builder. Simply enter a start date and hit run.

Many Ziggma clients use our model stock portfolios as a starting point to create their own optimal portfolio. All you have to do is save the portfolio under a new name. Then you can delete and of course add positions until you get the portfolio that works best for you.

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