Portfolio builder.

Our portfolio builder makes it easy to construct a portfolio of the best stocks in the top industries tailored to your personal preferences.

1. Personal Preferences

Get a portfolio tailored to your preferences.

Normally, personalized finance uses ETF’s to construct portfolios. Ziggma has taken this to the next level and offers portfolio construction comprised of individual stocks.

Answering five quick questions works as a starting point for the portfolio construction process as it provides information on your risk tolerance, time horizon, portfolio value and industry preferences.

2. Portfolio Construction

Construct the optimal portfolio.

The system will automatically generate a well diversified portfolio of the best stocks in the top growing industries. You can then easily change the weights, add new stocks, or remove stocks – all while in real time seeing the impact on the overall portfolio characteristics.

3. Portfolio Suggestion

Conclude and save portfolio.

Once the portfolio construction steps are completed, you will see the information on how to implement the recommended portfolio, with the exact number of shares to buy for each stock (we do support fractional shares). The portfolio can then be saved so that you can access it later.