Portfolio Simulation

Portfolio Simulation

The Ziggma Portfolio Simulation tool enables you to create an optimal portfolio to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns in line with your objectives and risk appetite.

Our Portfolio Simulation Tool greatly simplifies the portfolio optimization process. Just open the Simulator and select the stock you envisage adding to your portfolio. Enter the number of shares you plan to add and hit simulate for an immediate visualization of the transaction’s impact on portfolio risk and diversification as well as aggregate portfolio fundamentals.

We understand that building an optimal portfolio can be a challenging task. But it just got a lot easier thanks to the Ziggma Portfolio Simulator.

Start optimizing your portfolio, now.

How We Got The Idea For The Portfolio Simulator?

The big idea and ultimate goal was there from the beginning. To make investing and portfolio building easier. We put our heads together to identify the key issues and came up with the following three effective solutions:

  • Display the stock shortlists from the Stock Screener next to the actual portfolio. Why? To make the transition between screening for stocks and adding them to the portfolio more seamless.
  • Provide a last opportunity to check whether a selected stock really fits into the portfolio. How? By displaying the portfolio’s key performance indicators. For example, if my portfolio is growth oriented with a high average revenue growth rate, I can doublecheck whether the stock I am adding is in fact aligned with that strategy or not.
  • Simulate how individual trades will affect and alter my portfolio. See what the portfolio will actually look like once I add that stock, ETF or bond. It answers two questions. First, will that trade respect diversification thresholds? And second, will portfolio risk remain at acceptable levels?

With these goals in mind, we set out to build THAT tool that helps active investors build better portfolios.

How The Ziggma Portfolio Simulator Makes The Difference

There are five factors that make the Ziggma Portfolio Simulator so effective in helping investors build better portfolios and visualize their investments.

An Easy To Use Portfolio Builder

The user experience is the single most important element when designing a tool or a platform. In the investing world, tools can often be complex and confusing. We wanted to make accessing and using our portfolio builder incredibly easy. It starts with being able to securely link a brokerage account with virtually any US bank in a matter of seconds.

Full Integration With The Stock Screener, Ziggma’s Multi-Asset Scanner

There are great advantages in having the Stock Screener built into the Portfolio Builder. The all-in-one view enables you to manage and optimize your portfolio more efficiently. You can screen for stocks, ETFs and bonds and view your portfolio at the same time without needing to constantly switch screens.

Integration Of Model Investment Portfolios: Generate Ideas And Draw Inspiration

From Dan Loeb over Warren Buffet and Nelson Peltz all the way to Paul Singer’s Elliott Advisors. Get a look at the key holdings of the best in the business. Certainly they have worked extremely hard to pick the winners. Take a look at what model portfolio investors own and draw inspiration for your own investment portfolio.

Portfolio Simulator

Our portfolio simulator allows you to determine the impact of a trade on the portfolio. From assessing risk to what happens to the portfolio split. We help you vizualize what will happen by projecting the outcome before you actually add the stock to the portfolio you built.


The Ziggma Portfolio Builder and visualizer tool has an integrated back-testing tool that allows you to check out the success of certain strategies or portfolios. All you need to do is simply set the time period for which you want the back-testing results to be displayed. Use our Portfolio back-testing Analytic tools to analyze, optimize and improve your strategies.

Investing Made Way Easier With The Portfolio Builder And Visualizer

Our portfolio builder and visualizer tool is designed to make investing easier for investors. Above all, in helping investors build better portfolios suited to their goals and needs.

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