Quant Stock Research for Portfolio Managers

Institutional-Grade Quant Stock Research for Financial Advisors and Portfolio Managers

  • Through our Ziggma Stock Scores, we deliver an institutional-grade, quantitative equities investing solution, driven by algorithm-enabled data analytics.
  • Developed by seasoned financial analysts, our proprietary methodology consists of unbiased, granular fundamental analysis on over 3,000 stocks and millions of data points, powered by cutting-edge data processing technology.
  • Stocks are ranked on a scale of 0-100 inside 32 industries based on a variety of KPI metrics for the categories growth, profitability, valuation and financial position.
  • The Ziggma Stock Scores are updated daily and delivered through ftp or API
  • For specific client needs we deliver bespoke solutions (growth focus, ESG).
Ziggma stock ratings

Your Advantages

  • Institutional-grade research: Access to high-quality, algorithm-driven equities analysis developed by a team of seasoned financial analysts.
  • Unbiased: Our quantitative approach eliminates the risk of human judgement errors in stock selection.
  • Time savings: The Ziggma stock scores enable our clients to immediately focus on the best stocks, freeing up time for other business activities.
  • Dynamic: Thanks to daily updates, we capture movements in stock prices, estimate revisions and earnings events faster than the majority of market participants.
  • Risk mitigation: By saving time on stock research, our clients are able to manage larger, more diversified portfolios.
  • Experienced team with a highly complementary skill-set: Our team combines extensive experience in financial analysis at leading asset managers and cutting-edge programming expertise.
  • We routinely deliver bespoke solutions for specific client needs integrating ESG scores, momentum or custom key performance metrics.

You can learn more about the Ziggma Stock Scores here.

Proven Methodology

  • Significant absolute and risk-adjusted outperformance of the S&P 500, back-tested over the time period 2011 through Nov 2020.
  • Results reflect the performance of a portfolio comprising the top-rated 10% of stocks in each industry, re-balanced monthly
  • Proven outperformance by stocks ranking in the top decile compared to the rest of the universe
  • Highly granular approach covering millions of data points in time series data
  • Flexible set up allowing for the testing of thousands of configurations
  • Inclusion of industry-specific KPIs for the banking, real estate and insurance industries
Stock ratings track record


Monthly License: $ 249
Annual License: $ 1,990
One-off purchase: $ 449
(Roughly 2,600 stocks scored)

About Our Team

Ziggma’s proprietary stock scoring methodology has been developed by a team of financial analysts with extensive experience working at leading asset managers, such as AXA Investment Managers or Cohen & Company Asset Management, as well as private equity firms, such Ardian Private Equity or Brockett Tamny & Co.
The technical implementation is carried out by a team of highly talented engineers and developers with a keen interest in finance and fintech.

Contact Information

Ulrich Ebensperger
Email: [email protected]