Ziggma Premium Roll-out

Ziggma users deserve an affordable and constantly improving experience, and we hope you’ve noticed how focused we’ve been on delivering that. Our small but mighty team of 10 has released no less than 9 new features over the past three months. To name just a few:

  • Ziggma Top 50 Stock List
  • Portfolio Simulator
  • Strengths and weaknesses quick view
  • Ziggma’s Ultimate Market Page
  • Portfolio Dividend Schedule

We have set out to build Ziggma to provide self-directed investors with an integrated, institutional-grade portfolio management and investment research platform.But we have to go about it the right way – honest, transparent and respectful to our users. We need to generate income in order to serve you better. This means that, starting today, a few of our features that are especially complex and advanced, like our proprietary Ziggma Stock Scores and the Portfolio Simulator, will become subscription features. In addition, most of our new feature development will be for subscribers – we’ll invest the most in the users who have invested in us.

As an early adopter of Ziggma, you have been with us from the very beginning. To express our appreciation, we extend to you and all early adopters a one-time Special Offer to benefit from Ziggma Premium at a discount for as long as you subscribe.

You can now use Ziggma for free or subscribe, simple. We plan to take what we earn from these changes and reinvest straight back into building more and better features – not devising ways to fill up your screen with ads or sell your personal information. We simply want to make a product so good that you’re happy to pay for it.This offer is equivalent to the price of a Latte from a nice coffeehouse, and many investors will agree that it’s money well spent. But we also know that the free version of Ziggma must remain high quality and useful. Rest assured that we will always offer a version of Ziggma for free, and you belong in this community whether you subscribe or not. We’re betting all our chips on you, either way. We hope you’ll bet on us.

We are beyond grateful for your business and your support, and thrilled to recommit ourselves entirely to you.

We make investing easy.

Uli, Chrys, Martin and Para