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The Ziggma portfolio visualizer

Recognized at the 2021 Benzinga Fintech awards in the categories Best Portfolio Tracker and Best Investment Research Tech.

best portfolio tracker dashboard

Investment portfolio tracker

Next-level tools to track and optimize your portfolio.

Improve your investment return by using Ziggma’s innovative portfolio tracking features to manage your investment portfolio more effectively.

  • Get the full picture with the Ziggma portfolio dashboard
  • Track key metrics, such as yield, growth or portfolio quality
  • Monitor hassle-free thanks to Ziggma Smart Alerts

Stock and ETF screener

Get the best stocks fast.

Finding the best stocks is time-consuming and complex in light because of the vast number of financial data points to consider. Ziggma’s free stock screener is specifically designed to cut through the noise.

  • Sliding scales for effortless screening
  • Ziggma stock scores for effective research
  • Pre-configured search screens
Best Stock Analysis Website

Portfolio Analytics

Continuous analysis of portfolio risk, diversification and your holdings’ key performance indicators.

Account Aggregation

Get the complete picture by aggregating all your investment accounts on Ziggma’s portfolio management software.

Portfolio Optimization

Use our portfolio simulation and back-testing portfolio management tools to create the optimal portfolio.

Multi Asset Screener

Find the best stocks, ETFs and bonds with the best free stock screener on the market.

Proprietary Stock Scores

Thanks to our proprietary stock scoring system, you can find the best stocks quickly. It is built on decades of experience as professional financial analysts and powered by cutting-edge big data analytics.

Professional Grade Data

Get the relevant financial key performance indicators displayed in an intuitive fashion. Benefit from industry-specific KPIs for banking, insurance and real estate.

“I use Robinhood for the free trading and Ziggma to track my portfolio. It works out great!”

David – Robinhood Account holder

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