A Dividend Tracker That Builds Long-Term Wealth

Build your sustainable dividend income portfolio with Ziggma.

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Build wealth by earning dividends

One dividend tracker for all your investment accounts

Income investing with dividends

Long-term dividend investment income

Ziggma’s dividend tracker lets you continuously track dividend income in your investment portfolio.

Maximize dividend income from stocks that generate steady cash flow for your long-term wealth building journey.

track dividend investment income with Ziggma

Setting up your dividend tracker

It takes less than 2 minutes to get on top of your dividend investments

sign up to track dividends with Ziggma

Sign up to Ziggma to link your account or create a virtual portfolio to track new and existing dividends.

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View dividend yield and monthly or yearly income across all your investment portfolios.

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Find new high-quality dividend stocks with the Ziggma stock screener to add them to your portfolio.

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Real-time business KPI tracking in Ziggma

Own your best dividend portfolio

Ziggma assesses your dividend stocks daily and provides you with actionable data so that you can own the best stocks.

Make use of the Ziggma stock screener to identify the dividend stocks with the best fundamentals.


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