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How to optimize your portfolio in 4 easy steps (2 minute short tutorial)

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How to screen for growth stocks with Ziggma’s free stock screener.


Why we launched Ziggma.

We believe investing should be accessible to anyone. After all, there are so many great companies out there working hard to create value for their shareholders. We want to give every investor the ability to build and maintain well-diversified portfolio comprised of the best companies in their respective industries.

But we are not going to stop there. We want to help you own the truly best companies. What we mean by that is that we want to help you own the companies that create meaningful economic value for you while being highly proactive about making their business sustainable in the face to climate change.

Ziggma is not an investment advisor.

Please note that Ziggma does not intend to provide investment advice or recommendations. For this, we would need to take into account each user’s specific situation, i.e. age, financial resources, familiar status, risk tolerance, yield objectives, and much more…
Ziggma is neither a broker nor an investment advisor. The Ziggma Portfolio Manager provides portfolio management tools and investment research information in order to help investors invest better.
All information on Ziggma, including the Ziggma Scores, is for information only. Ziggma is not a registered investment advisor.


1. How to get started?

You can get started in just a matter of seconds by signing up via Google or Facebook. Alternatively, create an account with your email address and password. It hardly takes any longer. We take security seriously. Please remember to verify your email.

Once your account is created, there are essentially three possibilities to get started:

  1. Link your brokerage account(s). The fully secure connection to your account is enabled by Plaid, the leading account data aggregator in the US. For the avoidance of doubt, note that Ziggma will not know or handle your account number or password at any given point in time. This information is safely stored by Plaid.
  2. Create a virtual portfolio.
  3. Import a watchlist or virtual portfolio from Yahoo Finance (no formatting necessary).

1.1 How to link an investment account?

Linking an investment account is quick and easy. Simply click on the bank icon and follow the instructions. Your bank accounts will appear in the dropdown menu highlighted by the orange rectangle. 

How to link an investment account?

The account synchronization is enabled by our partner Plaid. Using cutting-edge encryption technology, Plaid securely handles the account connection process. 

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Select your bank from thousands of US banks and brokers. By repeating the process you can link several banks and brokers to get a full overview across several or all your portfolios. 

Best Stock Market 

By entering your login information, you will enable Plaid to obtain your investment portfolio holdings and transactions so that you can fully leverage Ziggma’s cutting edge portfolio management to better manage your portfolio(s). This process is entirely handled by Plaid. At no time will Ziggma come into contact with your login information. 

How to link an investment account?

Select the account you would like to link to Ziggma. 

How to link an investment account?

The investment accounts you have linked to Ziggma will appear in the Bank account menu. 

 investment accounts

Once your account is linked to Ziggma, you will immediately benefit from Ziggma’s unique portfolio management tools and investment research. Notably….

  • Check the dashboard to know your portfolio risk, yield and overall quality
  • Check the Ziggma Stock Score for each of your stock holdings
  • Gauge the impact of trades on your portfolio thanks to the Portfolio Simulator
  • Find out when the next dividend payments are due thanks to the Ziggma Dividend Tracker
  • Monitor key portfolio metrics over time
  • Set Smart Alerts

And much more

1.2 From which institutions can I import my investment portfolio?

You can import your portfolio from thousands of banks and brokers in the US thanks to the fully secure data connection technology provided by our partner Plaid.

1.3 I have an Interactive Brokers account? Is there a specific way to connect?

Yes, it differs a bit. There is one configuration you have to make in your Interactive Brokers account settings. Log into your Interactive Brokers account, go to Settings -> Account Reporting -> Third Party Services. Check the box next to Mint. Note the Token and Query ID being created and click Save. During the account synchronization process you will need to provide Plaid with the query ID and the token. These remain valid for 4 months and need to be renewed thereafter.

1.4 How to create a virtual portfolio?

By creating a virtual portfolio you can make use of Ziggma’s many innovative portfolio analytics and monitoring tools. To create a virtual portfolio, please click on the plus icon next to the virtual portfolio menu. 

How to create a virtual portfolio?

Enter a portfolio name, cash amount and start date. Then hit Create. 

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1.5 How to create a watchlist? 

By creating a watchlist you can conveniently track stocks you are interested in. 

Creating a watchlist is very similar to creating a virtual portfolio. It only takes a matter of seconds. 

First, click on the plus icon next to the watchlist menu. 

How to create a watchlist? 

Enter a name for your watchlist and hit Create.

How to create a watchlist? 

You can now start adding securities to your watchlist, cf. below.

1.6 How to add stocks and ETFs to a virtual portfolio or watchlist?

As a portfolio tracker, we wanted to make it easy for you to add stocks to portfolios. Thus there are many different ways to add stocks to a virtual portfolio.

Option 1: Add directly from the search bar by clicking on Add to Portfolio and selecting the destination portfolio or watchlist. 

How to add stocks and ETFs to a virtual portfolio or watchlist?

Option 2: Add stocks from screener search results

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Option 3: Add a stock from the stock profile page

Product Portfolio Analysis

1.7 How to import a yahoo finance portfolio?

Many users have legacy portfolios on yahoo finance that they would like to hold on to. No problem. Ziggma allows you to import yahoo finance portfolios in a matter of seconds. We will even account for the purchase date if this information is available in the file.

Here’s how it works. Click on the arrow next to the virtual portfolio menu.

How to import a yahoo finance portfolio?

Click on the upload icon, then select the file in which you downloaded your portfolio from yahoo finance. Click on the Upload button to view your portfolio in Ziggma and benefit from the many portfolio management and monitoring tools made available to you. 

How to import a yahoo finance portfolio?

2. How to use the screener?

The Ziggma stock and ETF screener has been specifically designed for ease of use and effective search. 

Search parameters can be set in a matter of seconds thanks to sliding scales while the corresponding search results are rendered in real-time. 

 How to use the screener?

You can cut through the noise by using Ziggma’s proprietary stock scores for the categories growth, profitability, valuation and financial position (Premium feature). 

Portfolio Stock Tracker App

Premium users also benefit from pre-configured screen settings…. 

My Financial Portfolio

…and the possibility to save screens….

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3. How do I get the most out of the portfolio dashboard?

The portfolio dashboard provides an overview of key portfolio metrics, such as risk, yield, revenue or profitability, to give you the best possible appreciation of your portfolio.

How do I get the most out of the portfolio dashboard?

Ziggma gives you the possibility to monitor these key portfolio indicators over time so that you can make sure that your portfolio stays on track, for example, portfolio yield. 

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4. How does Ziggma help me manage my portfolio more effectively?

Ziggma is specifically designed to help you manage your investment portfolio more effectively. As analysts and fund managers we saw a huge gap in the tools available to professionals and self-directed investors. With Ziggma we have set out to close this gap. 

Use the portfolio dashboard to monitor your portfolio vitals. Make sure that you monitor these over time by periodically checking the mini charts showing you the trend, such as for your portfolio yield, see example below. 

How does Ziggma help me manage my portfolio more effectively?

Be sure to monitor closely how we score your stock holdings in the portfolio view. You can find more information about how we rank stocks here

Portfolio Manager Software

Are there low-scoring stocks in your portfolio? Simply click on the ticker to check its scorecard and find out stocks rank best in the same industry (Premium feature).

The Ziggma stock scorecard

As basic a concept as it is crucial, Ziggma helps you monitor portfolio diversification. Do you want to be informed when a single stock makes up too large a share in your portfolio? All you have to do is set a Smart Alerts in a matter of seconds and let us take over the monitoring for you.

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Are you struggling to keep up with dividend payments? We can help. Our dividend tracker shows you who pays you, when and how much.

Investment Tracker

Very importantly, you need to track your portfolio companies’ financial performance. Every fund manager does it. So should you. Ziggma makes it easy for you. In the Fundamental tab, we display companies’ most important performance indicators – opposing the most recent value to the value when you first purchased the stock. If the company has improved on the indicator, the value will show in green, if unchanged in white and if it has deteriorated the value will be displayed in red.

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5. How to use the Portfolio Simulator?

The Portfolio Simulator is another great example of how we let Ziggma users benefit from our experience in institutional asset management. Prior to entering into a trade, professional investors gauge the trade’s impact on the portfolio. The Portfolio Simulator – a one-of-its-kind tool lets you do just that. 

Simply enter the trade information and hit simulate to see the impact on diversification, risk, yield and other portfolio characteristics, such as average revenue growth. If you are not comfortable with how the portfolio looks post trade, you can simply adjust the number of shares and hit Simulate again.

Portfolio Stock Tracker App

6. What is the value proposition of the Top 50 Stock List? (Premium feature)

The Ziggma Top 50 Stock List serves as a shortlist of the highest ranked stocks that belong to the top ten industries by revenue growth. 

In essence, if your goal is to build a well-diversified portfolio for the long run, you will want to look for stocks in the most dynamic industries. 

So we identify the top ten industries by revenue growth for you. For each of these 10 industries the Top 50 Stock List shows you our top 5 ranking stocks.

Top 10 industries X 5 “best-of-breed” stocks = 50 top stocks

Portfolio Manager Software

7. How do I make the most out of the Ziggma Stock Scores?

7.1 The Ziggma stock scorecard

Ziggma users benefit from the Ziggma Stock Scorecard in a number of ways. 

  1. It shows how a stock ranks against its industry peers, conveniently on a scale of 0-100. The ranking is generated based on Ziggma’s proprietary methodology, which applies big data analytics to fundamental analysis. To some extent, the Ziggma Stock Score represents the work being done by a human equities analyst, only that our machines are able to crunch way more data and have no conflicts of interest or bias.
The Ziggma stock scorecard

2. The Ziggma Stock Scorecard shows which stocks rank highest in the same industry. This lets you focus your research on the “best-of-breed” stocks.

3. The Ziggma stock sub-scores show how a stock compares to its peers on growth, profitability, valuation and financial position. This is extremely powerful for investors with particular investment approaches, such as a focus on growth or valuation. 

By clicking on the small chart icon, the user can even look at how the stock’s score and its sub-scores have evolved over time. 

Product Portfolio Analysis

7.2 Using the Ziggma Stock Score in the screener to find the best stocks fast (Premium feature).

What’s great about Ziggma is that we (or rather our machines) do the number crunching for you. This means that in the screener you can cut through the chase, and use both the overall score and sub-score to find the best stocks in a matter of seconds.

Ziggma Stock Score

7.3 Monitoring portfolio quality through the Ziggma Stock Scores 

A very convenient way to monitor your portfolio quality is by monitoring the aggregate portfolio Ziggma Stock Score over time. Simply hover over the chart icon in the dashboard to see how your portfolio’s weighted average stock score has moved over the past 6 months.

Stock Portfolio Tracker

8. How to use Smart Alerts to let Ziggma do the monitoring for me (Premium feature).

Ziggma’s Smart Alerts will help you monitor your portfolio and individual stock better, while saving you a great deal of time. 

Start with setting diversification alerts. Every investor is aware that proper diversification is the number one priority when it comes to risk management. As a completely unique feature in the market, Ziggma will monitor your portfolio diversification for you. All you have to do is set a limit by stock, sector or even asset class. The alert takes literally only seconds to put in place, and will save you hours of time spent monitoring and checking.

Stock Portfolio Tracker

Are you looking for help with the timing of entry and exit of portfolio positions? Then the Ziggma’s Smart Alerts represent the perfect solution for you. 

Set an alert for price, PE ratio or yield to get notified when the level of interest is reached. 

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9. How to upgrade to Ziggma Premium?

Interested in Ziggma’s Premium features? You can upgrade to Ziggma by clicking on any Premium feature, such as the Ziggma Top 50 Stock List in the left-hand menu or any stock scorecard in a company profile page.

Alternatively, you can upgrade from Account Management -> Subscriptions where you will see a feature comparison between the Ziggma Plans.

10. What are Model Portfolios and what are their benefits?

Model portfolios are constructed by us to provide you with ideas and inspiration. 

They reflect various approaches to provide a fit for almost any type of investor. Examples of themes are top scores, multi-asset, growth stocks, high yield ETF and much more.

Portfolio Simulator

11. What are Guru Portfolios and what are their benefits?

Guru portfolios, which are updated every three months, comprise the top positions of some of the world’s most successful investors. So hitching a ride on some of their investment cases is certainly not a bad idea. 

By following this approach you can generally be sure of a couple of things: First, Star Investors or investment gurus as many calls them, always look for downside protection. They do this by picking companies with impeccable business models and very strong competitive positions. Just think of Dan Loeb with Sotheby’s and Nestle or Nelson Peltz with Procter and Gamble.

Secondly, they will have done their homework on the investment case and in the case of activist investing they will work with the best lawyers in order to get done what they believe will create value for shareholders.

Portfolio Simulator

How does back-testing work?

The back-testing tool is conveniently located in the Menu Bar. Simply open the tool, pick the portfolio you would like to back-test and set a date. Hit “Run” to see what the performance of the portfolio would have been over the chosen period.

Who is Plaid and what do they do?

Plaid provides the technical infrastructure that connects investors and consumers with traditional financial institutions. The company is the trusted data technology provider for Citi, Transferwise, Robinhood, Betterment and many other well-known financial institutions worldwide.

With which broker can I connect Ziggma?

Bank accounts at all of the major brokers and banks can be connected to the Ziggma Portfolio Manager. If you have an account at Fidelity, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Robinhood or Citigroup, just to name a few out of thousands, you are good to go.

Security and privacy

Is the personal information I enter to connect to my account safe?

Yes, it is. The account connection is handled by Plaid, the leading provider of this service (account aggregation) in the US. Plaid works with pretty much every bank in the United States. You can learn more about Plaid’s security and privacy policy here. In the interest of complete clarity, your bank account login information is handled solely by Plaid. At no point in time will your bank account log-in information travel through the Ziggma systems.

Which information will Ziggma have about me?

Really not a lot. And we think it is best this way. We are in the business of providing a service, and not in the business of collecting and selling data. Essentially we will have your alias or name (which may or may not be James Bond or Princess Leia), your investment account holdings, and your bank’s name. It means that we are providing our portfolio analytics essentially on an anonymous basis. For the avoidance of doubt, please note that Plaid does not provide any information on any checking, savings, or loan accounts you may have. We are focused on investments only.

How frequently is my account updated?

Plaid provides us an updated record of your investment portfolio once a day over night.


What browsers work best for Ziggma?

Ziggma has been built to work with all of the main web browsers.