Best stock analysis app for informed investing.

Gain an edge with Ziggma’s algorithm-powered fundamental stock analysis.

Best stock research website
the Ziggma stock score is great for long-term investing success
Algorithm-powered, fundamental stock analysis

Gain an edge in your stock analysis

Ziggma is the best stock analysis app to help you identify “best-in-class” stocks in a matter of seconds. 

By combining the expertise of financial analysts and programmers, we developed a proprietary algorithm that ranks over 3,000 US stocks against their industry peers on a scale of 0-100. It captures time-series data of over 40 key performance indicators for growth, profitability, valuation and financial strength.

Data quality

Institutional-grade financial data.

Ziggma’s free company profile pages have all the data you need for your stock research.

They display key performance indicators in a well-structured manner by growth, valuation, profitability and financial strength. As is the case in institutional research reports.

Best stock research site
Stock research information
Unique industry-level data

Industry-specific financial ratios

For certain industries, such as banking or real estate, conventional metrics do not apply.

For banks, be sure to look at interest income. There is no EBITDA.

Don’t settle for less. Get best-in-class financial information on Ziggma.

Quarterly data

Free access to annual and quarterly data.

Looking for short-term trends in the data?

We got you covered with quarterly data, both as time series and visuals.

If you want to be sure to capture all relevant data points, check out our proprietary stock research and Ziggma Stock Scores.

best stock analysis website


How to get started with stock market research?

To start stock market research, define goals, assess risk tolerance, and create a budget. Choose a reliable broker and begin with index funds or ETFs for diversification. Explore individual stocks gradually, utilizing stock screeners for analysis. Stay informed through financial news, monitor and diversify your portfolio, and continually educate yourself. Regularly assess performance and adapt your strategy as needed. Consider seeking professional advice for complex goals. Approach investing with a long-term perspective and a commitment to ongoing learning.

What features that set the best stock analysis app apart from others in the market?

The best stock analysis apps distinguish themselves with comprehensive real-time data, user-friendly interfaces, advanced charting, and robust research tools. They offer customization options, educational resources, and seamless integration with brokerage accounts. Portfolio tracking, technical and fundamental analysis tools, and stringent security measures further elevate their appeal. These apps provide a holistic experience, catering to diverse investor needs and strategies with efficiency and reliability.

What’s the best stock analysis app for beginners?

Ziggma offers a comprehensive platform suitable for novice investors. It provides valuable educational resources, an intuitive interface, and tools for both fundamental and technical analysis. Ziggma’s user-friendly design makes it an excellent choice for those new to stock investing. Always evaluate the latest reviews and features to ensure it aligns with your preferences and financial goals.