Best-in-Class, Free Financial Data

The initial idea for Ziggma was to become the premier portfolio management application that makes investing easy. And this continues to be our mission.

But we realized early in the process that thanks to decades of experience as financial analysts at leading global asset managers we could provide a best-in-class financial data offering as well. Within the team, we had always shared the opinion that the financial data for stock analysis on the leading websites in this space were lacking severely in usability and visual efficiency.

In our jobs, we have produced countless research reports for busy portfolio managers. So if there is something we know well regarding investment research, it is this:

  • How to best present the data for optimal visual efficiency, i.e. help the investor to immediately find what he or she is looking for
  • Which data and key performance indicators are actually relevant
  • Which are the relevant key performance indicators that are specific to certain industries

Starting with data presentation, the premise is straight forward. The company data needs to be presented in such a way that it is easy to understand and concise. On Ziggma we ensure this by following two key principles:

1. Clear distinction of analytical categories: Valuation, growth, profitability and financial position

In financial analysis, the key performance indicators that come into play belong to these four categories. For investors, whether professional or not, it is crucial to find their way around the numbers quickly and unambiguously. Without navigating between pages. Which brings us to…

2. Single page view

Whether you are on the Overview or the Analytics page, all key performance indicators

are clearly presented in a single view. In the large majority of case you get all the ratios you’ll need for your stock analysis.

Selection of relevant key performance indicators: Emphasis on ‘relevant’

Many financial media praise their “wealth of financial data”. But in reality, this is total overkill. If you combine the leading relevant key performance indicators in the categories valuation, growth, profitability and financial position you have enough to go on. So which indicators are relevant?

Well, we have made that selection for you. Picking essentially the same set of key indicators that would go into our research reports when working as financial analysts.

And if you want to really dig deeper into a company’s financials simply navigate to its Financials page where you can see the financial accounts on a main line item basis – again in a very convenient single view.

Industry-specific performance indicators

You are surely aware that you cannot run the same type of analysis on a bank and a tech company for example. Many of the key performance indicators in these respective industries are completely different. Try finding EBITDA in a bank profit & loss statement. But even if you were to apply the same ratios say assets to equity for example the levels are completely different. An insurance company for instance uses a completely different level of leverage then a consulting firm.

This is why on Ziggma you will find Industry specific key performance indicators for the banking, insurance and real estate industries. We provide you with FFO, net interest income, combined ratios, loan loss provisions, etc.

To our knowledge we are the only stock research platform offering this advanced type of best-in-class free financial data.

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