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How to steer clear from common investing fallacies with the best stock portfolio trackers.

An entire media industry built on high yield stocks

Medical Properties Trust (MPW) – A case study

best stock portfolio tracker

Extensive drop in MPW’s stock price

best stock portfolio tracking

Leveraging the best stock portfolio tracker to minimize losses

Prominent examples of high-yield champions going bust

Five pitfalls of chasing yield

1. Risk of dividend cuts

2. Lack in growth opportunities

3. Overlooking opportunities for value creation

4. Sector concentration

5. Tax inefficiency

Too good to be true? Get the best stock portfolio tracker to assist you

Five ways how your best stock portfolio tracker helps you avoid yield traps

1. Analyzing a company’s financial prospects

Look for growth. At least some growth

Financial strength

2. Stock screening

3. Monitoring with the best stock portfolio tracker pick

4. Consider fixed income (bond) investments

5. Take market sentiment with a grain of salt

Conclusion: A high yield portfolio can make a lot of sense. But proper portfolio, construction and monitoring is crucial.

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