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Ziggma model portfolio options show the top positions of some of the world’s most successful investors, such as Warren Buffet, Paul Singer, Steve Cohen, David Tepper, and many more.

These guru investors have built outstanding track records with their individual investment strategies. Ziggma makes it easy to copy them.

Model Investment Portfolio
Warren Buffet
Paul Singer
Steve Cohen

We’ve compiled strategic investment moves from publicly available filings so that any investor can hitch a ride on these guru investors’ portfolios. Copy guru investment ideas into your personal portfolio or learn how these investment giants grow their wealth.

Model investment portfolios
Ziggma model portfolio for all investor types

Growth, value, yield, ETFs. We got you covered.

We construct a model portfolio by investment philosophy, theme, risk appetite and more. Our objective is provide you with ideas so that you can build the best possible portfolio at any given time.

Sustainable high yield stocks, value stocks with profitable growth or minimal climate impact are just a few examples of model portfolios.

Some clients even use the model portfolio as a starting point to create their own optimal portfolio.


Model portfolios vs mutual funds

Model portfolios allow high customization with control over individual assets. Investors or managers construct portfolios based on specific strategies. Mutual funds, managed by professionals, pool money from various investors into a diversified portfolio with limited transparency. Model portfolios offer transparency in individual holdings, while mutual funds have lower minimum investments and fixed strategies. They may have varying fees, while mutual funds incur expense ratios and potential sales charges. The choice depends on investor preferences, flexibility, and desired control over their investment strategy.

Model portfolios vs SMA

Model portfolios and Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) are distinct investment options. Typically, model portfolios offer a predefined mix of assets, often with varying risk levels, providing investors a straightforward choice aligned with their risk tolerance. On the other hand, SMAs are individually managed accounts, offering a higher level of customization. SMAs grant investors direct ownership of the underlying securities, tailored to specific preferences and tax considerations. While model portfolios offer simplicity and efficiency, SMAs provide personalized control and tax efficiency, albeit potentially requiring a higher minimum investment. Investors may choose based on their preference for simplicity or a more personalized, managed approach.

What are the benefits of model portfolios?

Using model portfolios streamlines investing with pre-constructed, diversified portfolios designed by experts, offering simplicity and time savings. They provide professional guidance, align with risk tolerance, and promote consistency. Investors benefit from cost-effectiveness, accessibility, and education, using model portfolios tailored to specific financial goals for efficient and goal-aligned investing.