Feature Comparison: Why You Are Best Off With Ziggma.

As all investors, you probably have your go-to platform for your stock research and virtual portfolios. Prior to building Ziggma, we may have used just the same stock portfolio tracker as you.

Some of these platforms are quite useful for stock research. Even so, as seasoned professional analysts we felt that plenty of room for improvement remained. The Ziggma Company Profiles comprise much progress in this domain.

But what we could not find anywhere was the tools to properly monitor our portfolios or even individual holdings.

So, we took matters into our own hands. Here’s a feature overview showing why Ziggma is the best portfolio management and investment research platform that you can find on the web.

Ziggma as Yahoo finance alternative

Biggest offering, best value proposition

On top of this, as the comparison illustrates, Ziggma is not only the most comprehensive solution but also it also offers the best value for your money.

Though there is quite a lot more, let us give you six concrete examples why you can get so much more out Ziggma:

1. Portfolio Analytics

Have you ever wondered about the average yield on your portfolio? Or just how correlated your entire portfolio is to the market and its ups and downs? Well, unless you have plenty of time to calculate it in a spreadsheet, simply link your bank account to Ziggma and get the answer within seconds. Right in the Ziggma Dashboard.

Portfolio Dashboard

2.Portfolio Simulator

New additions to the portfolio should not be back-of-the envelope. We have done this ourselves many times before. And felt dissatisfied with the lack of precision. The solution to this problem is the Ziggma Portfolio Simulator.

With a concise Before and After view, you can actually simulate a transaction’s impact on portfolio risk and fundamentals and finetune if needed.

Ziggma Portfolio Visualizer

3.Ziggma Scores

The Ziggma Scores illustrate the potential of a company’s stock based on over thirty key performance indicators covering the categories Growth, Profitability, Valuation and Financial Position.

To compute the Ziggma Score we leverage decades of experience as financial analysts at leading asset managers and combine it with sophisticated big data analytics techniques that are run by experienced data scientists. If you want to learn more about our Ziggma Scores, please check out this Blog Article.

Ziggma stock ratings

4.Ultra-fast Screener

Get the best investment opportunities fast thanks our highly effective sliding scales. As you shift the sliders, our Screener updates the number of search results in real time.

Ziggma Best Free Stock Screener

5. Ziggma Smart Alerts

Have you ever had this thought: I really like Apple but right now the stock is just too expensive? If only I had a way to be notified once the stock reaches the valuation level at which I would buy the stock…

Meet Ziggma Smart Alerts – the best best stock portfolio tracker application you can find. Using ultra-fast ruler bar technology, set valuation and yield alerts in a matter of seconds. No need to continuously check price, valuation or yield for your stocks. Simply set a Ziggma Smart Alert and we will notify you once the stipulated level is reached.

Best free stock alert service

6. Custom industry data

Only on Ziggma you will find industry specific financial data. Banks do not have EBITDA. Their balance sheet looks completely different from a tech firm. Hence, showing the same cookie cutter financials makes no sense. If you look at a REIT on Ziggma you will get REIT specific key performance indicators. The income statement will show income from leases and not Total Sales. Ziggma users get this level of customization for banks, real estate and insurance companies. With sign up only. Entirely free.

Check out Ziggma’s company financials today. You will conveniently find the profit & loss statement next to the cash flow statement and assets next to liabilities. No more navigating back and forth. And, if you want to dig deeper, simply go to the actual company filing from the link right below.

Industry specific KPIs

Check out all of Ziggma’s features

These are just some of the features that make Ziggma stand out as the best stock portfolio tracker. Sign up today and see for yourself. Our 7-day free trial period is commitment-free.

Don’t agree with our assessment? We’d very gladly like to hear your opinion. Where can we improve? What should be build? Send an email to [email protected].

Who knows, we just build what you would like to see.

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