A Portfolio Analysis Tool For 360° Insights

Make the right decisions with powerful investment insights.

portfolio analysis tool

Take charge of your investments

Real-time portfolio analysis

Consolidate your accounts

Link multiple accounts: Broker, IRA, 401K

By letting you link multiple investment accounts, Ziggma’s portfolio analysis tool lets you track control of your investment journey.

Know what you own to make the optimal decisions to reach your long-term investing objectives.

Track your stock scores

Track Ziggma stock scores on your portfolio holdings

Companies’ financial performance can change fast.

By capturing thousands of data points and reflecting them in a single score, the Ziggma stock scores help you keep up with your stock investments.

Stick with high-scoring stocks for best return prospects.

Optimising your portfolio with Ziggma

It takes less than 2 minutes to get on top of your dividend investments

sign up to track dividends with Ziggma
Monitor portfolio company KPIs

Own companies that get better over time

For companies to become more valuable, you need them to grow. As an investor, would want to make sure that your portfolio companies grow revenue and profit.

The Fundamental KPI tracker helps you track your stocks’ most important KPIs over time. Make sure your stocks are in the green.


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