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Cutting-edge stock portfolio tracking insights

Get a 360° view of your investments

Securely link your account for powerful insights on each of your accounts, or all of them combined.

Visualize your investment income

Dividend Tracker

The dividend tracker helps you monitor your investment income.

How much income does your portfolio generate? Which asset pays the most? When do you get paid?

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Smart Alerts

Track your holdings’ key performance indicators

Business Performance Tracker

Stocks are a great vector to build long term wealth – as long companies’ business performance keeps on improving.

Ziggma’s free portfolio tracker lets you monitor vital business performance indicators through time. For the stock price to rise, you want your companies’ profitability to increase and growth rates to rise, compared to when you bought the shares.

Conveniently track whether your portfolio companies are upping their game. You want to see plenty of green business KPIs.

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Monitor your portfolio quality

Keep on top of portfolio quality with the Ziggma Stock Score

The Ziggma Stock Score is the result of algorithm-powered, fundamental analysis. It captures dozens of financial ratios crunching millions of data points.

Free for virtual portfolios and watchlists, it’s a great indicator to make sure you only own stocks that outrank all or most of their peers.

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Why do I need to stay on top of my portfolio with a stock portfolio tracker?

There are a fair number of good reasons to stay on top of your portfolio by finding the best free portfolio tracker for you.

The number one principle of prudent long-term investing is to spread risk across a well-diversified portfolio. You want to avoid having positions that are disproportionately large relative to your total portfolio. If something goes wrong with a big position, your portfolio will suffer an unduly big loss. So it’s important to avoid letting positions get too big as part of your portfolio risk management. The same argument must be made with respect to asset allocation as well as sector and industry exposure. While you may want to prioritize growth sectors, it is also prudent to avoid piling into the same growth industry.

Ziggma is one of the few free portfolio trackers to help you assess your portfolio risk and help you monitor it. In long-term investing, it is crucial to be on top of portfolio risk in order to remain on track to reach your investment objectives. If you are taking on too much risk, a market downturn may jeopardize your chances of ultimately reaching your long term investing objectives.

The ability to track companies’ financial key performance indicators at the portfolio level is unique to Ziggma, making it the top of choice among free portfolio trackers for long term fundamental data tracking. The fundamental view shows your holdings’ key performance indicators current level versus their level at the time of purchase. So that you can be sure that your portfolio companies improve on growth, profitability and other key metrics.

What are the benefits of Ziggma’s free portfolio tracker?

Ziggma’s free portfolio tracker benefits private, self-directed investors in a number of ways. First of all, it helps you stay in control of your investments through valuable insights and analytics. Secondly, the free portfolio tracker helps you monitor your investments in a reliable and efficient manner, for example through Smart Alerts. Third, certain tools will enable you to make your portfolio better by pointing out weak spots and areas of improvement.

How do I make the best use of Ziggma’s stock portfolio tracker?

The best way to use the free portfolio tracker is by linking your brokerage and/or IRA account. Your account data is rendered securely through renowned account aggregation providers, such as Plaid (which we use). But you can also put the portfolio tracker to great use by creating watchlists or virtual portfolios.

We recommend users to check their portfolio analytics once or several times per week depending on their activity level. The most important data points, such as portfolio quality and risk are displayed with their historical evolution so that you can make sure to continuously make your portfolio better over time.

Does Ziggma’s free portfolio tracker also help me optimize my portfolio?

Markets are dynamic. So is your portfolio. At times, the insights you get through Ziggma’s free portfolio tracker will reveal that you have to make certain changes to your portfolio. That’s why the Ziggma platform provides innovative portfolio optimization tools, such as the Portfolio Simulator. These help you make the best decisions for your portfolio in line with your long term investing strategy.