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    • has been hard at work to roll out even more features and to facilitate navigation through the application. If you are an investor looking for

smart and easy-to-use portfolio management tools

    • and best-in-class financial data, Ziggma is

your best choice

    • . Want to know why we are so confident about this? Check out our blog article explaining why Ziggma beats all of the established platforms.

Compared to the that you know we have made many different improvements. Here are some of the highlights:

Improved menus and navigation

This has been a long time coming. But it is finally here: the new side bar. It takes you straight to your portfolio, the screener or the simulator. You always know where you are and how you can get you where you want to go in one single click.

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A user favorite since the beginning, the speed and overall performance of Ziggma’s custom stock screener’s has been enhanced yet again thanks to tweaks in our sliding scale technology. You will notice, if you haven’t already, that we have increased the table width to show more KPIs. Finally, both our overall Ziggma Score and sub-scores have been added to the Screener. If you want to know more about how we brought together the expertise of seasoned financial analysts and big data analytics in the Ziggma Score, please check out this Blog Article.

And just as before, you can switch between the stock screener and the ETF screener in a split second.

Ziggma Smart Alerts

Set stock price alerts, as well alerts on the Price/earnings ratio and dividend yield, even faster. While they are as before in one single view, we have optimized the user experience for our smart alerts even more. With the Ziggma Smart Alerts you no longer have to continuously check stock price, valuation or yield on your favorite stocks.

Simply set a Ziggma Smart Alert and we will notify you once the stipulated level is reached. Make use of the best free stock alert service now to free up time for research.

Peer Analysis Table

Powered by the quality financial data delivered by our innovative data provider Intrinio, we have added a Peer Analysis table to our Company Information Pages. It shows investors in one single view how a company sizes up against its peers based on a number of key performance indicators, including our own Ziggma Scores. It’s a great way to check whether you own the best of the breed.

Ultimate Market View

Our Ultimate Market View comprises all the market information you need – in one single view. No gimmicks, such as ads or sponsored content. Just the relevant market overview for what really matters: indexes, stocks, ETFs, rates and sector performance. Fully dynamic with continuous stock market updates.

    In addition to these highlights, keeping it short, please find below a non-exhaustive list of additional new features and improvements:
  • New watchlist function for ultra-convenient stock tracking
  • New Star Investor Portfolio
  • Optimization of the Ziggma Smart Alerts
  • Improved navigation between portfolios
  • Definitions and help content
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