An investment tracker for all your assets.

Keep track of all your assets to make the right investment decisions on your long-term investing journey.

Investment tracker showing portfolio split by asset type
investment tracker dashboard view

State-of-the-art portfolio analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your investments.

Take advantage of insightful dashboard, which provides in-depth analyses on portfolio quality, yield, or risk, by safely connecting your accounts from more than 20,000 institutions.

Investment income

Income Tracker

The income tracker shows you which asset pays you, the timing of the payment, and the amount.

Using the investment tracker to monitor investment income
Monitoring diversification with an investment tracker

Diversify to hedge your bets

Portfolio risk

Minimize portfolio risk

Large setbacks are hard to bounce back from. It is crucial to avoid outsized losses.

Ziggma’s investment tracker helps you keep a keen eye on your portfolio risk.

Monitoring portfolio risk with an investment tracker


Why is it important to monitor my portfolio using an investment tracker?

There are numerous compelling reasons to actively manage your portfolio by selecting the investment tracker suited to your needs. When it comes down to it, your ability to make the right decisions depends on you how well you know your portfolio. An investment tracker is instrumental for this.

The foremost rule for good long-term investing is to distribute risk across a diverse portfolio. You want to avoid overly large positions that could disproportionately impact your total portfolio, if they perform poorly. Similarly, to achieve long-term investing success, you want to monitor portfolio quality, income and risk. A good investment tracker will also let you tracker key business performance indicators for your stock holdings so that you can make sure that you only own companies that are getting better over time.

What are the principal advantages of Ziggma’s investment tracker?

Ziggma’s investment tracker benefits private, self-directed investors in several of ways. By giving you best-in-class insights, it puts you in a position to make optimal investment decisions for your existing portfolio. Secondly, it provides you with cutting-edge tools, such as the Portfolio Simulator, that empower you to make your portfolio continually better over time. Finally, our investment tracker helps you monitor your investments in the most-effective and time-efficient way, for example through Smart Alerts.

Over the long run, a proper portfolio tracking approach will likely improve your long-term investing return.

How do I put Ziggma’s investment tracker to the best use?

The most effective way to benefit from Ziggma’s investment tracker is by linking your brokerage and/or retirement accounts. By synching your accounts, you will get a consolidated view of your investments. Linking your account is completely secure. You can find additional information here. Alternatively, you can start by creating watchlists or virtual portfolios. And nothing prevents you from simply using stock research information or Ziggma’s free stock screener.

Depending on how active they are with their investments, we generally advise users to check their portfolio analytics several times per week. Ziggma’s portfolio dashboard is designed in such a way that you can view the most important data points, such as portfolio quality and risk, in the blink of an eye.

Does Ziggma’s investment tracker help me improve my portfolio?

Markets are constantly changing, and so is your portfolio. Occasionally, the insights gained from Ziggma’s free portfolio tracker may indicate the need for adjustments in your portfolio. This is why the Ziggma platform offers innovative portfolio optimization tools, like the Portfolio Simulator. These tools assist you in making optimal decisions for your portfolio that align with your long-term investment strategy.