Nvidia stock score

Should I Buy Nvidia Stock or Is It Too Late?

Why is Nvidia’s stock so hot?

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Competitors’ stocks have also had good runs.

AMD 📈 is up by 36% over the past year.

QCOM 📈 is up by 77% over the past year.

Both stocks are dwarfed, however, by Nvidia’s run. Neither AMD nor Qualcomm can even remotely match Nvidia’s growth prospects.

AI demand

Market position and pricing power

Extensive growth potential remains intact

Nvidia revenue profile

Focus on forward-looking valuation metrics

Nvidia PE ratio

Can Nvidia deliver on these earnings growth expectations?

Putting valuation into perspective: Valuation versus growth rate

Nvidia PEG ratio

A different dimension of profitability

Nvidia quarterly net profit

60% margins and rising

Excellent financial strength

Nvidia's stock score

A massive stock buyback program and more to come

In conclusion, should I buy Nvidia stock or is it too late?

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Although from the current level, returns are unlikely to be as spectacular as over the past three-year period, our fundamental analysis bears out that Nvidia remains a good stock to buy, both relative to its peers and with respective to its absolute return prospects. The upcoming stock split will make the shares considerably more accessible for private investors.

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