Ziggma Key Feature: Portfolio Risk Monitoring

Professional portfolio managers pay thousands of dollars monthly for sophisticated risk management and monitoring tools.

At the level of the private investor, however, portfolio and risk management remains in most cases rudimentary. But, private investors can hardly be blamed for this.

While there are excellent tools and databases for stock selection, including our very own Stock Scanner, on the market today, individual investors are largely on their own when it comes to figuring out how to manage risk and monitor their portfolio companies’ financial performance.

Even the most basic risk management elements, such as monitoring diversification, are generally not provided by brokers. At Ziggma we have set out to level the playing field. From basic risk management principles, such as diversification by company or sector to institutional type risk/return measures, such as the Sharpe Ratio, and soon Value at Risk, we seek to give our users the tools they need to always be on top of their portfolio risk.

It only takes a few seconds to connect your brokerage portfolio to Ziggma and check out our risk analytics. The fully secure connection is provided by Plaid, the industry leader in this domain. Plaid is trusted by many well-known names in the financial industry, such as Betterment, coin base, and Robinhood.

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