ZIGGMA Key Feature: Portfolio Recap

The Portfolio Recap will be of great value to you if you agree with the following two points.
  1. Investing in stocks is important because it allows you to participate in the value created by some of the most innovative and productive organizations in the world.
  2. You have better things to do than to check your portfolio once or several times per day.

There is little argument about the fact that stocks have historically outperformed all other asset classes. While past returns provide no guarantee for future returns, chances are that the paradigm will hold as bright minds will continue to form corporations and create value in a capitalist society.

So investing in bright minds producing superior products or services out of a well-managed organization just makes sense. Many people agree with this postulation and have accordingly built solid, well-diversified investment portfolios. This part is done.

However, how to proceed once the portfolio is in place? How do I make sure that my risk limits are not breached? How do I monitor portfolio companies’ performance? The Ziggma Portfolio Manager Software makes monitoring easy thanks to intuitive visuals of our portfolio analytics and key performance tracking – comparing for instance your companies’ current growth rates vs. the levels at the time you purchased the stock.

You may ask what if you do not have time for any of this.

Ziggma has developed a solution for this problem by constructing a concise and pertinent daily Portfolio Recap that is delivered conveniently by email to your Inbox.

Every day after the market close, we will run a complete portfolio review for you covering:

  • Portfolio risk
  • Portfolio companies’ financial data
  • Relevant news and events
  • The most important market news
  • A list of must-read articles and key economic statistics

Thanks to the Ziggma Portfolio Recap you will always be on top of your portfolio.

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